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The Ultra 8 U-Form is a customizable running shoe from the Reebok company.

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KineticFit paneling adds a considerable amount of support to the heel - significantly increases stamina for extended training sessions

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U-Form technology is highly effective and easy to configure - truly feels like a custom-fitted shoe

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Vertical DMX Shear panels are especially beneficial for jumping athletes - helps to reduce arch stress for hurdlers/skip-training

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Very hard to re-fit if initial process is performed with error - not for reckless users

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Sizing tends to run small - may be frustrating for users ordering online

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The Ultra 8 U-Form is a customizable running shoe from the Reebok company. Featuring U-Form lining technology, this model has the ability to take on the shape of the user's foot for a truly customized fit. After heating the shoe for three minutes at 200 degrees fahrenheit, it must be laced tight for another eight minutes and left to set for a full hour before use. Reebok's own DMX Ride construction technology is incorporated for enhanced cushioning, working alongside the DMX Shear vertical panelling system for reduced arch stress through a reinforced heel. A series of elastic KineticFit panels have been added to the Ultra 8 to influence natural ergonomic movement, with SmoothFit seam construction helping to promote comfort via minimized stitch overlapping. A StableFit memory foam collar lining is also included for maximized heel protection, while a Play Dry sock liner offers comprehensive moisture management for improved comfort.

  • U-Form customizable liner technology 
  • DMX Ride foam cushioning
  • SmoothFit seamless upper construction 
  • DMX Shear vertical panelling technology
  • KineticFit sure-fit panelling technology
  • Synthetic mesh upper 
  • Play Dry moisture-control lining 
  • DMPRTek rubber outsole 
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