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The RunTone Prime is a unisex running shoe from the Reebok company.

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don't need any break-in time, comfortable right away with no blisters

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air cushion is very comfortable, plenty of impact absorption for running

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outsole is sturdy and can take a fair amount of abuse, lasts a long time before wearing out

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wide build offers great stability throughout the stride

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plenty of breathability, keeps feet cool and dry even during strenuous exercise

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rear heel isn't very strong, tends to get folded down when putting the shoe on

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a bit big and bulky, wouldn't want to wear them casually

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The RunTone Prime is a unisex running shoe from the Reebok company. Available in 10 different color schemes for male and female athletes, this model features Moving Air technology for improved weight transfer and overall handling. A series of integrated balance pods help to optimize response levels through micro-instability, transferring pockets of air throughout the sole of the shoe using by balance-ball physics. An EVA midsole is included for cushioning and shock absorption, working with a multi-surface outsole for maximal traction and long-lasting functionality. The Prime is also fitted with several forefoot grooves for ergonomic contouring, aiming to promote even an footstrike with an assisted push-off. Finally, the addition of a synthetic mesh upper enables both durability and breathability without a significant increase in weight. 

  • Moving Air weight-transfer technology 
  • Synthetic mesh upper 
  • SmoothFit construction technology 
  • Low-cut design
  • Balance ball-inspired sole pods 
  • Forefoot flex grooves
  • EVA midsole 
  • True-to-size fit
Color Options (Men's Models)
  • Black/Silver
  • Excellent Red/Silver/White/Black
  • Silver/Excellent Red/White/Black
  • White/Silver/Blue
  • White
Color Options (Women's Models)
  • Black/Silver 
  • Pink Ribbon/Silver/White/Heroine Pink/Gravel/Medium Grey
  • Primo Purple/White/Silver/Gravel 
  • Silver/Malibu Blue/White/Gravel
  • White/Indian Magenta/Silver/Gravel 
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Manoj Pal Singh
04/04/2012 04:49
Manoj Pal Singh
04/04/2012 04:49

what is this price

08/23/2011 07:42

I find the sole of the shoe very good for running BUT,although iv only ran in them twice first time i got A blister which i left heal second time same spot the cut has gone alot deeper......... i think there is not enough cushioning around the sides of the shoe and now im wondering are they the wrong runner for really feeling annoyed as i do normally run every day,,,,,but now il have to lay off it until my leg heals,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plus i cant afford another pair of runners.CAN ANY ONE CHEER ME UP,AND TELL ME I WILL GET USE TO THEM!!!!!!!!

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