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The RealFlex Run is a unisex running shoe from the Reebok company.

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Macy's Reebok RealFlex Run

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The sole of the shoe is incredibly flexible. Does not restrict the natural movement of your foot

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Comfortable to wear for an extended period of time

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Really breathable- allows heat to leave the shoe and keeps your feet dry

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Versatile enough for running on pretty much any surface

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Great value- premium running shoes at a fair price point

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Available in a wide variety of colors

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Lightweight- you will almost forget you're wearing them after a while

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Form fitting to your foot- no unwanted shifting of your feet

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Some people with knee or back problems may require more cushioning on the soles

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The RealFlex Run is a unisex running shoe from the Reebok company. Offered in sizes and color schemes tailored to both men and women, this model features an intelligent sensor system that aims to promote natural ergonomic motion. 76 "flex-friendly" sensors are included that move back and forth in conjunction with the user's foot, helping to provide optimal balance and structural support through RealFlex technology. The Run's synthetic mesh upper provides comfort and breathability without a major increase in weight, working alongside the low-profile nature of the shoe to establish a feeling of true natural mobility. In addition, this model features a polyurethane sockliner and a 3D Ultralite outsole to allow further lightweight functionality. 

  • Available in Black/Flat Grey/Buff Blue, Steel/Excellent Red Mesh and Steel/White/Black color options (men's models)
  • Available in Steel/Overtly Pink, Steel/Sushi Green/White and White/Grey/Purple color options (women's models)
  • Low-profile minimalist design 
  • Fitted with 76 individual flex-friendly sensors 
  • Mesh upper 
  • RealFlex sole design 
  • 3D Ultralite outsole 
  • PU sockliner 
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07/13/2011 11:19

Speakers connected to the main blu-ray receiver works fine but the faux wireless router that is supposed to connect the wireless subwoofer and wired rear speakers to the main receiver worked for 1 month and then died never to work again. I am in warranty purgatory with LG customer service right now as I am constantly shipping back and forth the wireless router that they claim they fixed only to have it die again after a week or two of usage. Worst home theater in a box package I ever bought and I have been regretting my purchase ever since.

07/07/2011 10:28

How do these shoes run in sizing? Large? Small? True to size?



12/07/2011 09:51

I would say in my best estimation they are somewhere between true to size to small. They fit my feet pretty tight but I believe that's by design.



08/20/2012 01:47

I just bought these shoes and they are great for arch support. They are tight to my foot. I will start running today after work hoping they are going to do better then my walking shoes!



05/03/2013 01:35

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