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The Premier ZigFly is a unisex running shoe from the Reebok company.

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The soles of the shoes will provide you with excellent traction

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Versatile enough to run on various surfaces

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Shoes do not require you to break them in at all when they are new

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Well ventilated- keeps your feet dry and let's heat get out

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Loose gravel and other small rocks can get stuck in the grooves

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Might be too narrow for some people with wider feet

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Unconventional look may scare some people off

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The Premier ZigFly is a unisex running shoe from the Reebok company. Designed for both male and female athletes, this model features a wide selection of color options and is available in all adult sizes. Reebok's own ZigTech sole technology has been implemented to maximize speed and endurance, utilizing a zig-zag sole construction that minimizes muscle strain and promotes forward propulsion. The outsole of the ZigFly is fitted with a carbon rubber heel strike for maximal traction, alongside a set of reflective strips for visibility during nighttime runs. Excess moisture is managed via a Play Dry sock liner, while SmoothFit technology helps to reduce structural bumps and overlaps through minimal seam inclusion. This model also implements a synthetic mesh upper for sufficient comfort and durability without the addition of unnecessary weight. 

  • ZigTech sole technology
  • Synthetic mesh upper 
  • SmoothFit smooth-seam upper 
  • PlayDry moisture-management lining 
  • Forefoot flex grooves
  • Multi-surface outsole 
  • Rubber heel strike 
  • Reflective accents 
Color Options (Men's models)
  • Black/Gravel/Yellow
  • Black/White 
  • Silver/White/Excellent Red/Black
  • Silver/Yellow/Black
  • Silver/Blue/Black
  • White/Royal/Black/Silver
  • Pure Silver/Red/Black
  • Black
  • White/Blue 
  • Black Gravel/Light Silver 
  • Black/Gold 
Color Options (Women's models)
  • Black/Indian Magenta
  • Black/Primo Purple 
  • Raw Green/Silver/White
  • White/Silver/Malibu Blue 
  • Silver/Medium Grey/Neon Pink 
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Sagnik Barat
09/03/2012 11:09

It's a smart and unconventional shoes with awesome grip.

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