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The Reebok Premier Trinity KFS IV is an upper-mid priced men's running shoe.

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has a nice rebounding feeling to keep you moving forward, a little "spring in your step"

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feel broken in right out of the box

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design is stylish and interesting, not just another boring looking sneaker

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plenty of breathability, air passes right through them

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good cushioning throughout the foot, very comfortable to walk around in for a few hours

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great traction in all kinds of conditions

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outsole is a little bulky for casual wear, feels like its in the way sometimes

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upper uses a lot of synthetics as decoration that tend to look worn after a little while

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The Reebok Premier Trinity KFS IV is an upper-mid priced men's running shoe. The Premier line of running shoes has won numerous awards for comfort and performance since its inception. Like the closely related Premier SmoothFit Ultra KFS VII, the Trinity KFS IV has Reebok's Smoothfit technology in the upper. This technology means that the interior seams are hidden, so that even on long runs your feet will not be irritated with friction. The DMX Shear cushioning focuses on both vertical and horizontal movements in the foot during steps, so that heel stress is reduced. In terms of the Premier line, the DMPRTEK outsole cushioining, which emphasizes durability, is a unique feature (only the Verona Supreme also has it). There are color and size options available for the Reebok Premier Trinity KFS IV men's running shoes.

  • Size options
  • Color options
  • SmoothFit upper
  • DMPRTEK outsole footbed
  • DMX Shear cushioning
  • Reebok logo exterior design
  • KineticFit system
  • Award-winning design
Color Options
  • Silver/Black/Steel/Red
  • White/Metallic Gold/Black/Silver
Size Options
  • 7
  • 7.5
  • 8.5
  • 9
  • 9.5
  • 10
  • 10.5
  • 14
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