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Deep fire cauldron and stand available in 2 sizes - 23.5" or 34".

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While it might have an old-fashioned name, this steel cauldron will have you forgetting everything you ever knew about witches. The curved steel legs keep the piece upright, and the legs wrap around the base of the cauldron for additional support. A log grate built into the bottom keeps your logs in the right place, no more worrying about adjusting the wood as the fire burns, and the cauldron comes with a cover that keeps rain and snow from reaching the interior.

Keep toil and trouble out of your backyard bonfire by keeping it in one of our Red Ember Steel Cauldrons. These hefty steel firebowls are supported by large flat steel legs that top out nicely in a curly scroll. In your choice of 34- and 23.5-inch diameter, these 13-inch deep firebowls are an attractive and safe way to warm up any backyard event. Each has a built-in log grate and comes with a screen, fire poker, and cover - just a logs and a spark and you've got yourself a brou-ha-ha!

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  • Deep fire cauldron and stand available in 2 sizes
  • Flat steel legs and support stand
  • Built-in log grate
  • Screen, poker, and cover included
  • Choose 34- or 23.5-inch diameter
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What's Included

  • Cauldron
  • Screen
  • Poker
  • Cover
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