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The RS2663 is a low-end bookshelf audio system once manufactured by RCA.

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Decent sound quality for a shelf system and it can easily fill a medium-sized room.

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Pretty good price for the features included.

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CD playback is easily interrupted even by the unit's own speaker vibrations.

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CD laser scanner is very sensitive to scratches.

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"Repeat all discs" function doesn't work well--gets tripped up after a couple hours of playback, requiring the unit be unplugged and plugged back in.

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The "Bass Boost" option adds way too much bass but without it, music noticeably lacks bass.

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Radio playback is a little wonky as listening to radio on stereo mode features overpowering bass not present in CD or cassette mode.

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The RS2663 is a low-end bookshelf audio system once manufactured by RCA. The 100W unit features a mechanical cassette deck for tape playback, and a five-disc changer in the form of an angled carousel tray, allowing five discs to fit where usually only three would. It also comes with a digital AM/FM tuner with 32 presets, and a standard alarm clock feature. The system is compatible with MP3, WMA, CD-R, and CD-RW audio discs. Unlike most modern stereos, it does not include iPod or MP3 player connectivity.

  • 100W total output
  • Compact five-disc changer
  • Cassette deck
  • AM/FM tuner with 32 presets
  • MP3/WMA/CD-R/CD-RW compatibility
  • Alarm clock
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02/03/2012 08:10

How to set the time on this model? Is there a manual on line for it?

01/11/2011 12:19

I have this system but i plugged in 2 BIG speekers to it, to make it a lot louder... it worked.. i would recomend this system to anyone who has big speakers on the side to use also, but the speakers with it work well also. it does play mp3 and ipod though, but you have to have a double sided headphone cord, i dont know what there called but i use this system as my surround sound and it works greate

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