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The RS2046 is a low-end micro shelf system once manufactured by RCA.

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audio output for compressed files is clear and doesn't have to be turned up too loud

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small size fits in well in an office environment where space is at a premium

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alarm doesn't tell the difference between AM and PM

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range on the remote is very short, needs to be close

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display on the unit is too bright to have sitting on your desk or nightstand, very distracting

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front facing USB and "recording" inputs are bad for esthetics

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takes an unusually long time to start up after being turned on, can make you think it isn't working

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can't determine what order tracks will play from the USB device

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The RS2046 is a low-end micro shelf system once manufactured by RCA. It features a digital AM/FM tuner with 32 presets and a top-loading CD player. The system supports MP3, WMA, CD-R, and CD-RW audio discs, and has a USB connection with which the user can listen to music stored on an MP3 player, or rip music directly from CDs to an MP3 player. The user can choose between analog and digital display on the LCD screen. Many users have encountered problems with the brightness of the display, the remote control, and radio reception, which may explain the RS2046's discontinuation.

  • AM/FM tuner
  • 32 radio station presets
  • CD player
  • MP3, WMA, CD-R, CD-RW audio discs supported
  • USB connection to MP3 player
  • Analog/digital LCD display
  • Alarm clock
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