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The RCA EZ207 Small Wonder is a pocket digital camcorder that was released in 2008 and retails for about $80.

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picture quality in good lighting is detailed and free of any grain

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small enough to keep in a pocket or purse to pull out when needed

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easy enough to use that you don't need the instructions

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takes good pictures in low light conditions

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compatible with both PC and Mac

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can hook it directly into the TV for quick and easy viewing

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microphone picks up with operator breathing very distinctly

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no flash or light source of any kind

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The RCA EZ207 Small Wonder is a pocket digital camcorder that was released in 2008 and retails for about $80.  This piece is virtually identical in look and features to the RCA EZ200, with the only difference that this one can record twice as long as the EZ200 in the low quality mode. It has a 60 minute recording capacity with 1GB of included memory. It has improved low-light performance over its predecessor, it has a flip-out LCD and ships with a removable 1GB hard drive. Critics complained that its design isn't as slick as its competitors, it has no rechargeable battery, the video quality is still fairly mediocre, and its bundled software isn't Mac compatible. Overall users were pretty happy for the value for money. This piece also has a button that allows for one button direct uploading to YouTube. 

  • Point and shoot digital camcorder with still photo functionality
  • Record up to 30 minutes in High Quality Resolution or up to 120 minutes in Web Quality mode with included memory
  • MicroSD expansion slot - expands recording time up to 8 hours!
  • Flip out 1.5" display allows for self recording
  • Camcorder comes complete with integrated Memory Manager software that allows you to download video through high-speed USB connection & email video clips to family & friends. Activates automatically when camcorder is connected. Upload directly to Youtube
  • 1GB built in hard drive
  • 1.5" LCD display
  • AA batteries, no built in rechargeable battery
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10/05/2011 09:48

can i ask something? my cam is not turning on now, what can i do know?? pls help me :))

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