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The Nostromo is a upcoming customizable gaming keypad from the Razer company.

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20 profiles, double that of the original

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ergonomically designed

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slick aesthetics - a nice improvement over the Belkin version of the device

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cool packaging

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each profile includes 8 keysets, up from 3 on the original - can be switched to instantaneously

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16 programmable keys, 8-way programmable directional thumb pad

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backlit for use in the dark - level can be tweaked to the users preference

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Belkin version of the exact same device can be had for much cheaper

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space bar key is difficult to reach for those with smaller hands

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cheap glossy black plastic build - picks up and shows off dust and fingerprints easily

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The Nostromo is a upcoming customizable gaming keypad from the Razer company. Slated for a late November/early December 2010 release, this model functions as an updated version of Belkin's n52te Speedpad. 16 fully-customizable "Hyperesponse" keys are positioned at the top of the unit, with backlighting technology to ensure controller accuracy in low-light gaming conditions. A multi-directional 8-way thumb pad is ergonomically positioned to the right of the keys, with programmable options including character maneuverability or weapon control. Working with the included configuration software, users can assign game-specific controls with the help of a visual controller reference, storing up to 8 key-maps at a time for a total of 128 custom commands. In addition, the unit is fitted with a soft-touch rubberized wrist pad to minimize joint and muscle strain for extended gaming sessions. 

  • Matte Black aesthetic
  • Ergonomic design
  • 16 programmable Hyperesponse keys
  • 8 hot-swappable keymaps
  • 8-way keypad
  • Backlit controls
  • Rubberized wrist pad
  • Includes configuration software
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02/16/2011 06:30

It's not the "same exact device" as the Belkin.

It has a different chipset, double the number of profile storage, 8 keystates instead of 3, dimmable light, better software and longer USB lead.

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