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The Razer Chimaera is a high-end universal headset designed for use with gaming console.

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completely removable boom microphone

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designed for both the PC and Xbox 360

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rechargeable / includes charging base

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better battery life than the more expensive 5.1 version

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impressive performance for a pair of wireless headphones

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uses standard rechargeable AAA batteries

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huge, bulky and heavy

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released well over a year after it was originally introduced

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not good enough to be a go to pair of headphones for music listening

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high price point

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The Razer Chimaera is a high-end universal headset designed for use with gaming consoles; Razor specifically designed the Chimaera with all types of gamers in mind; from competitive to casual. In addition, Razer claims the Chaimaera headset will be designed "to provide pinpoint positional quality that lifts the gaming experience to tournament grade sound".

The Razor Chimaera will include features a base station that will connect to the Xbox 360 console or additional audio devices (fully supported devices have yet to be announced) and also doubles as a charging dock, an integrated microphone for full in-game chat support, and a unique ear-hugging design.

It is important to note that the manufacturer Razer is well known for it's high-end PC gaming equipment usually used by professional gamers internationally. The Chimaera headset device and partnered Onza Xbox 360 controller will be Razer's first venture into the console world.

  • High-end gaming headset
  • Designed for use with the Xbox 360 and will also support additional audio devices
  • A dual base/ docking station that will allow both connection and charging of the device
  • Integrated chat microphone
  • Unique ear-hugging bud design
  • MSRP: $130
  • Release: Quarter 1 2011


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