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The Razer Arctosa is the entry level option in the Razer gaming keyboard line up.

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relatively quiet, doesn't make much noise or clacking sounds

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customization software is powerful and feature-rich

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key response is lightning fast, no noticeable lag

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tactile response while typing feels comfortable

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key lock indicators are very bright, gets distracting

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Insert/Delete key group is arranged horizontally, takes some getting used to

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cord isn't very long, need to keep the keyboard near the case

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black with black print on it, a little hard to see even with the light on

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The Razer Arctosa is the entry level option in the Razer gaming keyboard line up. It uses low profile laptop style keys just like the more expensive Razer Lycosa; they also share a similar removable palm rest.  The main difference is the lack of backlit keys. It features anti-ghosting capability for the "WASD" keys only; this feature should not be mistaken for "N key roll over" which allows for all keys of a keyboard to be pressed simultaneously  whilst still registering all key presses. Most USB connected keyboards allows up to 3 simultaneous key presses only whilst the Arctosa allows the WASD keys which are generally used for gaming, to be pressed simultaneously. Media control keys are available on this keyboard as well as macro keys that are programmable via Razer's software. Up to 10 redefined key settings can also be stored and switched whenever the need arise. The Razer Arctosa is a feature packed keyboard with a competitive price tag. 

Features / Specifications
  • Fully-programmable keys with macro capabilities
  • Selective anti-ghosting for WASD gaming cluster
  • Slim keycap structure with Hyperesponse™ technology
  • Easy access media keys
  • Gaming mode option for deactivation of the Windows key
  • 10 customizable software profiles with on-the-fly switching
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms response time
  • Detachable wrist rest
  • USB



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