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Razer is well known for its high performance computer accessories that are marketed towards the enthusiast gaming crowd.

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Great overall audio quality

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5.1 audio without breaking the bank

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Actually includes 8 discrete drivers to create surround sound

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Ear pads are very comfortable

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Good Frequency response range of 1.50Hz to 20,000Hz

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Surround sound can't compare to a real speaker system

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Cord from adapter is too short

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The headphone is trembling too much when the subwoofer is working although the bass is not strong (purposely?), that cause uneasy after short time.

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Rear speakers have no bass at all.

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Razer is well known for its high performance computer accessories that are marketed towards the enthusiast gaming crowd. The Barracuda HP-1 is Razer's first release in the competitive gaming headphone market. While other headphones offer simulated 5.1 surround sound through various tricks and technology, Razer includes eight discrete drivers, four found in each cup, that provide a true surround sound experience. The headset also supports a detachable noise canceling microphone for communicating with team mates, or more generic uses such as Skype.

Each of the cups contains four drivers; one bass/subwoofer, and three mid-high frequency drivers. The three mid-high drivers are used for the positional aspects with one acting as the front, mid, and rear respectively. Connecting the headphones is done through the Razer-specific HD-DAI (High Definition Dedicated Audio Interface). Most sound cards do not actually support this specific port, so Razer includes an adapter that is universally compatible. A module that clips onto your shirt acts as both the amplifier that drives the speakers, and volume control. Each of the channels can have their volume individually adjusted along with a master volume.

The 5.1 audio is fed into the headset through a 3.5mm jack. If you want to get audio from a device like an Xbox 360 or dedicated DVD player a Y-adapter can be used though that removes the surround sound capabilities. Surround sound is supported with a more complicated setup that involves adapting the output from a dedicated receiver for the 3.5mm jacks.

Barracuda HP-1 Specifications
  • 8 discrete drivers: 6 for mid-high frequency, 2 for Bass. 4 in each ear.
  • Individual channel volume control / 1 master volume control
  • Detachable noise canceling microphone
  • 6 channel analog inputs
  • Eight amplifiers contained within its volume control units
  • Output power of 330mW
  • Frequency response range of 1.50Hz to 20,000HzRazer HD-DAI\u2122 (High Definition-Dedicated Audio Interface)
  • Powered by USB (no batteries needed for amplifier/LED lights)
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11/27/2007 01:12

Poor build quality, screw fell out from hinges after 4 months of use.
Gaming sound is great but sound is not the greatest with movies and music. Id recommend buying hd-555's, better value.

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