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Features a single piece of aluminum to hold the computer at an ergonomic angle for use at the desk.

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Keep laptop cool

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Offers an ergonomic design

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Only useful with certain models of laptop

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This mStand Laptop Stand features a single piece of aluminum to hold the computer at an ergonomic angle for use at the desk. It sets the screen at eye-level to reduce strain, and is designed to use with a separate keyboard for function that rivals many desktop computers. It has a tilt feature which brings the screen closer for easier viewing from many angles, even when users are sitting farther away from the computer. The mStand has an aluminum panel to keep the computer cool, even during long hours at the desk. Works with Macbook and Macbook Pro computers, and many PC varieties. 

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Patented Tilted Design

The mStand feature a sloped design that helps bring the notebook closer to the user. It also positions the notebook with the edges pointed down towards the desk, allowing it to remain unintrusive during use. This tilt also makes using the direct notebook keyword more comfortable and ergonomic. 

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mStand raises the notebook to eye level, making it more comfortable and ergonomic to use, reducing strain on the eyes, neck, shoulders, and back. 

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Proper posture is important for the reduction of strain on the eyes, neck, and back. The mStand raises the notebook up to eye level, allowing for a more proper upright posture. This prevents the strain associated with improper sitting position. It also features a slight tilt, bringing the notebook closer to the user for less intrusion during use and more comfortable direct notebook keyword usage. 
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  • All Apple Macbooks (Pro/Air/Retina)
  • Notebooks less than 10.4 inches in depth
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Heat Sink

Made from solid aluminum, the mStand acts as a heat sink. Aluminum has a high heat conductivity, allowing it to draw heat away from the computer. It also facilitates air flow and convection around the notebook, so it runs coolers. This not only prolongs the life of the computer, but also allows it to run quieter by preventing the internal fan from activating. 

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