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Gives pet owners the ability to customize their fountain with five interchangeable spout rings to change the fountain.

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Hayneedle Radio Systems Drinkwell 360 Fountain for Pets $59.99

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This item weighs four-pounds, making it easy to move around your home.

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This fountain is especially beneficial for pets with kidney or urinary tract diseases.

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Water is always moving through this fountain, keeping it fresher than standard sitting water bowls that are common for household pets.

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After using this product, pets can have a hard time adjusting to other ways of drinking water.

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Because of the moving water, pets may try to attack this fountain.

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The Radio Systems Drinkwell 360 Fountain for Pets features five interchangeable spout rings to change the water flow on this fountain from one to five depending on the amount of pets that will be using it for fresh water. It was designed for use in homes that have multiple pets, but can also be used for single pet homes, too. The movement of water from this fountain draws oxygen from the air into the water, keeping it cleaner and eliminating bad tastes and odors. By continuously circulating the water, the amount of saliva usually found in standard sitting water bowls is reduced and bacteria growth is prevented. The receiving ramp will reduce the splash made by the falling water, and the filtration technology provides nearly silent functionality. The Radio Systems Drinkwell 360 Fountain for Pets holds 128-ounces of water, and it has rubber feet to prevent it from sliding, even if pets try to move it. This water system is best for dogs and cats. Drinkwell Pet Fountains are veterinarian designed and recommended by vet urinary specialists. Having a convenient supply of fresh, filtered water for your pet is the best way to help prevent dehydration. Elderly dogs, puppies, and pregnant or nursing dogs are at the highest risk for dehydration, but dogs and cats of all ages benefit from continuously moving filtered water.

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  • Holds 128-ounces of water
  • Rubber feet prevent sliding
  • Charcoal filter to absorb bad tastes and odors
  • Great for multi-pet homes
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