It seamlessly integrates with your home's Wi-Fi, giving you complete control right from your smartphone or laptop.

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Iro is the smart irrigation controller that makes it easy and affordable for homeowners to have beautiful, sustainable landscapes. It seamlessly integrates with your home's Wi-Fi, giving you complete control right from your smartphone or laptop. Rachio automatically adjusts your watering schedule based on weather, seasonality, zone-type and regional characteristics.

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  • Weather Intelligence - Watering is automatic based on real time weather and seasonal adjustments. No need to schedule it.
  • Better data, smarter watering - Rachio Water Reports confirm how much water you're using and saving. Feel free to share your water savings prowess with friends.
  • Pays for itself - Saves customers as much as 30% on their outdoor water use, giving them one of the fastest paybacks on any smart home device.
  • EPA WaterSense Certified Product - Check with your local water municipality for rebate options. Rebates can range up to 100% of retail value.
  • It takes most people less than 30 minutes to install the Iro and the app has an easy step-by-step setup guide.
  • Android, iOS and laptop versions of the app give you complete control at home or across the globe. You can even give your landscaping professional access.
  • Connected home - Integrates with NEST, Wink, Control4, IFTTT and other top tier home automation systems for expanded functionality.
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Size Options

  • 8-Zone
  • 16-Zone
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Made in the USA

It matters where it's made. Keeping our manufacturing in the USA creates local jobs, reduces shipping and waste, and helps unify our team.

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What's Included

  • Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller
  • Power adapter
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this controller retain functionality if Rachio goes out of business or is purchased by another company that chooses not to support the IRO app?

    Unfortunately, the only people that can answer it are Rachio themselves, and companies don't typically discuss what would happen if they went out of business. But assuming one of your scenarios did happen, if no other company chose to adopt or support Rachio's technology, it's highly unlikely that the controller would continue to function, the app communicates with the controller via Rachio's servers...not directly.

  • Will this system use an external rain sensor, or will it only use weather data for rain sensing?

    The Iro can use an external rain sensor in addition to weather intelligence. The rain sensor will temporarily suspend watering anytime disks inside the sensor absorb water and expand. These send a message to the Iro, interrupting the electronic signal that turns on the sprinklers. The signal is blocked until the disks shrink again to their dry size. The sprinkler controller then receives the start signal, and resumes its watering schedule.

  • Can you control the system if your wifi goes out?

    The system will continue to run, but you won't be able to alter the programming until the WiFi connection has resumed.

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