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The Pyle Audio PLA3000D model is a high-end automotive stereo amplifier in the Pyle Red Elite series.

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outputs a clean signal without distortion

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easy to fine-tune and adjust on the fly

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can run for hours at a time without problems

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resists overheating, won't reset itself

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capable of large amounts of power output

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design seems tacky, not very sleek or edgy looking

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larger footprint than most amps, need to ensure the room is set aside

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The Pyle Audio PLA3000D model is a high-end automotive stereo amplifier in the Pyle Red Elite series. The amplifier is designed for audiophiles and music lovers alike; and is geared to a more mature audience (obviously those old enough to drive). The PLA3000D model features a total 2400 watt bridged output with several operating ranges such as RMS power of; 4 ohms at 400W, 2 ohms at 800W, and 1.3 ohms at 1200W. It also includes glass epoxy PCB, a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) system, variable bass boost, and a variable subsonic filter (15Hz-10Hz, 24dB/Octave). Additional features include gold RCA inputs, a custom terminal block for speaker connection, remote bass control, soft turn on/off, a 0-180 degree phase control, advanced thermal and overload protection circuitry, a heavy duty power coated heatsink, a fully illuminated top panel, anti-thump turn on and a 1 ohm stereo table. The PLA3000D amp comes packaged with a MOSFET PWM power supply and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • 1 channel audio amplifier
  • 2400 watt bridged output
  • Multiple range modes
    • RMS Power: 4 ohms at 400W
    • RMS Power: 2 ohms at 800W
    • RMS Power: 1.3 ohms at 1200W
  • Glass epoxy PCB
  • PWM (Power Width Modulation) system
  • Variable bass boost
  • Variable Subsonic filter (15Hz-10Hz, 24dB/Octave)
  • Gold RCA inputs
  • Remote bass control
  • Fully illuminated top panel
  • Custom Terminal Block for speaker connection
  • Advanced thermal and overload circuit protection
  • Soft turn on/off
  • 0-180 degree phase control
  • Heavy duty power coated heatsink
  • Anti-thump turn on
  • 1 ohm stereo table
  • Includes: MOSFET PWM power supply and 1 year manufacturer's warranty


Key Specs
  • Maximum Power Output: 2400W mono
  • Impedance: 10K ohms
  • S/N Ratio: >90dB
  • Dimensions: 10.9'' (W) x 2.7'' (H) x 15'' (L)
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