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Puma's V1.10 K I FG is a mens' soccer cleat intended for outdoor use on firm terrain.

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gives your shot more power

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feel comfortable and move with your foot

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gets a great grip on all kinds of surfaces, including firm terrain

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very lightweight, don't really notice the weight of the shoes at all

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provides a clean, consistent striking surface for the ball

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point on the toe doesn't seem to serve a function

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don't have a very sensitive touch on them, hard to move the ball up the field with you

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 Puma's V1.10 K I FG is a mens' soccer cleat intended for outdoor use on firm terrain. Its design is based closely on the V1.10 I FG model, and there are only a few minor changes. The two differences are that this model uses extremely thin leather in the upper region to reduce weight. Similarly, the forefoot midsole region uses a carbon-fiber plate for support but also to keep weight down. The outsole has a one-piece plate for support with pointed studs, and the laces are nearly fully covered by a leather guard that increases the surface area for contact with the ball. Like the regular V1.10 I FG, this shoe's upper is stitched directly into its outsole - glue and lasting are not used.


  • For soccer
  • One-piece outsole provides support
  • Pointed perimeter studs for terrain grip
  • Laceover cover provides large kicking surface
  • Upper stitched directly to outsole
  • Fits snugly
  • Molds to foot
  • Carbon-fiber forefoot plate provides strength and reduces weight
  • Ultra-thin leather upper reduces weight
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