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Puma's V1.10 I FG shoe is a mens' soccer cleat intended for outdoor use on firm terrain.

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light weight materials don't wear you out or pull you down

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great traction over most surface types

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snug fit is comfortable against the skin, doesn't cause blisters

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dry out quickly after you take them off

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studs wear down fairly quickly

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plate on the bottom is unusually hard, takes some getting used to

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upper separates from the base eventually, depending on how often you use it

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fit tight at first until they're broken in

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Puma's V1.10 I FG shoe is a mens' soccer cleat intended for outdoor use on firm terrain. It is the successor to the V1.08 though it has different features and a new design. The outsole is one piece and supports the foot while studs circle the perimeter. The upper region has a cover that fully hides the laces in order to provide a larger, even kicking surface, and the upper itself is stitched directly onto the outsole which allows for a surer fit than shoes that are glued or lasted. The upper region fits snugly and molds to the players' foot. Other features include a dirt- and water-repellent coating, and a reinforced midfoot region to stop the foot from bending unnecessarily.

  • For soccer
  • One-piece outsole provides support
  • pointed perimeter studs for terrain grip
  • Laceover cover provides large kicking surface
  • Upper stitched directly to outsole
  • Fits snugly
  • Molds to foot
  • Reinforced midfoot prevents bending and provides support
  • Water- and dirt-repellent coating
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