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The Puma V1.08 Mesh Trainer is a mid-range turf trainer soccer cleat designed specifically for more casual playing.

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versatile design works on any surface, from turf to outdoor

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snug enough to stay responsive for turf play

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design is very nice, look like classy casual shoes that go well with jeans

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molds itself to your foot for increased comfort and responsiveness

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breathability is excellent, feet stay cool and dry throughout the game

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don't have the stiff support found in most cleats, reduces the translation of movement into forward momentum

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a little narrower than usual, need to check the sizing

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The Puma V1.08 Mesh Trainer is a mid-range turf trainer soccer cleat designed specifically for more casual playing (practice, spur-of-the-moment games) and general day-to-day use. Its synthetic leather upper contains mesh portions for a blend of durability and breathability while its cushioned midsole provides support and shocks absorption. Additionally, the V1.08 Mesh Trainer's rubber outsole provides grip and stability on any surface.

The V1.08 Mesh Trainer's upper features a fairly even blend of synthetic leather, which gives it its shape and durability, and mesh portions which are meant to offer excellent breathability and comfort while greatly reducing the V1.08's weight. Its cushioned midsole offers comfort to the sole of the foot during everyday use and reduces shocks and bumps during play. Meanwhile, the V1.08 Mesh Trainer's rubber outsole is designed not to interfere with everyday use while also offering added traction and stability on the field. The Puma V1.08 Mesh Trainer is available in black or white.


  • Synthetic leather and mesh upper for lightweight breathability
  • Cushioned midsole for support
  • Rubber outsole for grip and stability
  • Suitable for casual and all-terrain use
  • Available in sizes 7-13
  • Available in black or white
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