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The Puma King XL FG is a professional-level firm ground soccer cleat.

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Awesome boots, Value for Money

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simple, clean styling for people who don't want something too flashy

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excellent traction on all kinds of surface types

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protect the foot well so that you can really wind up and hit hard without hezitation

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good touch on the ball, perfect for subtle handling

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nice support around the ankle and arch

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upper is very durable, doesn't scuff easily

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no spike replacements possible with molded cleats

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glue that holds the sole to the front of the shoe is a little weak, wears out

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The Puma King XL FG is a professional-level firm ground soccer cleat that offers a step-up from the company's King Top DI FG model. Featuring a thin full-grain genuine leather exterior, this is a lightweight yet powerful model that can maximize all aspects of a player's game on the field. Combining comfort and durability, the XL FG is fitted with a microfiber ankle liner that can prevent calluses and other similar injuries. Puma's own AptoLast technology is placed within the midsole of the boot, and has the ability to mold to a player's foot to provide the feeling of a true custom fit. A fold-over tongue helps minimize lace interference to ensure clean, unhindered shots, and a conical stud design provides sufficient traction on firm ground (FG) surfaces. 

  • Conical stud configuration
  • Genuine full-grain leather exterior
  • Fold-over tongue
  • Microfiber ankle liner
  • Puma AptoLast mold
  • Aerodynamic stitching design
  • PVC free
Color Options
  • Black-White-Team Gold
  • White-Puma Red-Leprachaun Green
  • White-Team Gold-Black
  • Black-Black Puma Silver
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