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The Puma Esito XL TT is a low-end soccer cleat meant for all-terrain use.

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Minimalist color schemes appeal to a wide variety of players - preferable to flashy/gimmicky models amongst both male and female players

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One-piece heel plate provides comprehensive support - balances heel while protecting sensitive achilles/arch areas

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Good stability on all terrain types - widened base offers consistent balance while running and shooting

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Folding tongue minimizes lace issues - preserves instep kicks and and doesn't come undone as easily

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Runs at least a full size small - not recommended for online ordering

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Extensive break-in period - may cause considerable heel and toe pain for several weeks after purchase

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Does not perform well in wet conditions - prone to slipping/sliding issues, even in moderately damp environments

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The Puma Esito XL TT is a low-end soccer cleat meant for all-terrain use. The 'TT' in the name stands for 'Turf Trainer' as the Esito XL TT offers versatile all-terrain performance by way of studded synthetic outsole while its synthetic upper offers comfort and durability. Additionally, the Esito XL TT sports a soft nylon ankle lining for added comfort.

The Esito XL TT's studded synthetic outsole is designed to perform well on any surface-hard, soft or synthetic-while also providing a wider base for extra stability. Its synthetic upper provides the Esito XL TT with lightweight durability and comfort whithout adding unnecessary extra weight or driving up the price point. Meanwhile, the Esito XL TT's nylon ankle lining adds comfort and support higher up. The Puma Esito XL TT is available in black/white/gold and navy blue/white/gold.

  • Synthetic upper for lightweight durability
  • Soft nylon ankle lining for comfort
  • Studded synthetic outsole for greater stability
  • Appropriate for any type of terrain
  • Pro-style foldover tongue
  • Available in sizes 7-14
  • Available in black/white/gold and navy blue/white/gold
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