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The Puma Voltaic II are a mid-grade running sneaker pair designed for casual athlete, more specifically the night-owl athlete.

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enough impact resistance to enable daily workouts

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lacing is well designed, even pressure across the foot

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detailing on the shoes stands out, look sharp

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roll forward comfortably when walking

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water flows right in through the upper if its raining or if you are running on a wet surface

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lack strong support for distance runners

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not technical shoes, experienced distance runners will find them too soft

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The Puma Voltaic II shoes, much like their predecessor the Puma Voltaic set, are a mid-grade running sneaker pair designed for the casual athlete, more specifically the night-owl type athlete. The Voltaic II shoes can be worn both for use during extensive running, or normal casual sneaker-wear activities. The Puma Voltaic II running shoes offer unique tenCell heel support system for enhanced cushioning and performance stability, and a rubber shock-resistant sole.

The Puma Voltaic II running shoes include additional features such as a fabric and a leather upper sole, a 3M reflective upper sole pattern designed to help keep runners safe at night, sleek upper breathing panels, a round toe design, and are available in Men's and Women's shoe sizes.

  • Mid-grade casual running sneakers
  • Rubber sole enhances running support
  • Optimal cushioning for enhanced impact resistance using tenCell fabric and technology
  • Round Toe Design
  • Fabric and Leather upper sole design
  • 3M Reflective upper sole pattern for added safety during night runs
  • Sleek and stylish upper body breathing panels
  • Lightweight fabric body materials
  • Available in Men's and Women's sizes
Available Colors
  • Classic
    • Black
    • Grey
  • Pompeian Red
    • White Body Design
    • Grey Trim/ Outline
    • Red Center Stripes/ Insole
  • Black Silver
    • Silver
    • Black Body Design
  • Griffin Grey
    • White Body Design
    • Navy Blue Trim
    • Gold Puma Royal Design
  • Metallic
    • White Body Design
    • Silver Trim
    • Black Center Stripes/ Tongue
  • Dark Shadow
    • White Center Stripes
    • Black Body Design
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