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The Panasonic AE8000 - A New Level of 3D Experience

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The Panasonic AE8000 - A New Level of 3D Experience

The Panasonic AE8000 is 20% brighter than the AE7000 and this brightness is especially noticeable in 3D mode. At 500,000:1, the AE8000 has the highest contrast ratio of any of our home theater projectors! Images are richer and more detailed, especially during low-light scenes. 
Excellent Picture Quality
High 2,400 lm of Brightness with the Advanced Red-Rich Lamp
The new 220 W Red-Rich Lamp increases the luminous efficiency of the projector to achieve brighter images, even in 3D viewing, with excellent color purity. Able to produce a stunning brightness of 2,400 lm, the PT-AE8000 unleashes the beauty of 2D/3D full-HD expression for viewing on various screen sizes. Cooling efficiency, for example, around the polarization filters has been increased to realize the higher lumens. Color purity is further increased by applying a special coating to the red and green condenser lenses in order to trim the impurities from the light after it is separated into the three primary colors.
Full-HD Optimized Optical System
To assure maximum clarity and sharpness in full-HD images, this advanced optical system employs a full-HD-optimized lens unit comprising of 16 lens elements in 12 groups, including two large-diameter aspherical lenses and two high-performance ED (extra-low dispersion) lenses. Each lens is carefully aligned to assure a uniform focusing balance from the center to the edges of the screen. As a result, the PT-AE8000 produces stunningly clear and beautiful images.
Up to 480 Hz Compatible LCD Panels
The PT-AE8000 full-HD LCD panels provide bright images with high aperture ratio. The panels are also designed for 480 Hz processing capability for bright 3D image. These high-precision panels use vertically aligned liquid crystal molecules with inorganic alignment layers. When no voltage is applied, the molecules are aligned perpendicular to the glass substrate, so there is minimal light leakage, providing higher contrast.
Pure Contrast Plates Deliver High 500,00:1 Contrast Ratio
The Pure Contrast Plates in the PT-AE8000 use a high-precision crystalline material that is carefully matched 
to the characteristics of the LCD panels to effectively correct the passage of light exiting the panels. 
This enables the projector to block unwanted light leakage and successfully increases the dynamic range. 
It works together with the Pure Color Filter Pro and Dynamic Iris Pro to achieve an astounding contrast ratio of 500,000:1.
Pure Color Filter Pro for Rich, Vibrant Colors
The optical filter optimizes the light spectrum from the UHM projector lamp, helping to produce deeper blacks while improving purity levels in the three primary colors (red, green and blue). This advanced filter system improves color purity to cover a range that extends from the HDTV standard (Rec. 709 mode) to the color gamut used in digital cinema. This gives images the deep, rich coloring that distinguishes movie images.
Dynamic Iris Pro Adds Beauty to Both Dark and Bright Scenes
This intelligent iris system works by analyzing the brightness level of each image using a histogram, then adjusting 
the lamp power, iris and gamma curve accordingly to create the ideal image. The adjustments are made virtually 
frame by frame. This helps the projector achieve a wide dynamic range with swift smoothness for added beauty in 
both dark and bright scenes.
Smooth Screen Technology Creates Film-Like Texture
While many LCD projectors suffer from a “chicken wire” effect, Panasonic’s pursuit of the highest possible image quality has successfully overcome this device limitation through the incorporation of Smooth Screen technology.
This uses the double refraction property of crystals to arrange pixels on a screen with no gaps between them.
Seven Picture Modes
For each 2D and 3D viewing, seven different picture modes (normal, dynamic, Rec. 709, D-cinema, cinema 1, cinema 2 
and game mode for reduced frame delay) are provided.
A Whole New Level of 3D viewing
LCD Panels Driven at 480Hz and Original Overdrive Technology for Bright 3D Image
The PT-AE8000 features 480 Hz-driven LCD panels, which lengthen the time that the shutter is open about 1.5 times the duration of a 240-Hz drive system. Together with Panasonic’s original high-precision overdrive technology, this improves the brightness of the images viewed through 3D Eyewear, while at the same time minimizing crosstalk, or double image seen as a result of the left image entering the right eye and vice versa.
3D Motion Remaster Takes 3D Realism to New Heights
Active Shutter 3D provides an overwhelming 3D experience by delivering Full-HD images to both eyes. Panasonic's 3D Motion Remaster technology was developed to further enhance the naturalness and realism of Active Shutter 3D images.
See the difference in 3D brightness and contrast ratio between the Panasonic AE8000 and its predecessor, the AE7000.

Complete Specs

Image Quality

  • Resolution HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Brightness 2400 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio 500000:1
  • Uniformity 85%
  • No. of Colors Full Color
  • Aspect Ratio(s) Native - 16:9
  • Display Type LCD; Transparent LCD Panel (x3, R/G/B)



  • Data Signals Native: HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Video Signals 480p, 576p, 720/60p, 720/50p, 1080/60p, 1080/50p, 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 1080/24p NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL-M/PAL60/PAL/PAL-N/SECAM
  • Video Resolution --
  • H Sync 15khz- 74khz
  • V Sync 24hz - 85hz
  • 3D Ready Yes
  • Dot Clock 154 mhz



  • Inputs: Component, RCA (Y,Pb,Pr) x 1, Composite Video, RCA x 1, HDMI 1.4 3D x 3, S-Video (Mini DIN 4-pin (Y/C)) x 1, VGA (Analog data, mini D-Sub 15-pin) x 1,RS-232 (Serial) x 1
  • Outputs: Screen Trigger (12V) (DC power outlet) x 2
  • Built-in Audio --


Projection Lens

  • Lens Powered Zoom (2.0x)/ Focus F 1.9-3.2/ f - 22.4-44.8mm
  • Image Size 40-200 inches
  • Throw Distance 3.11 - 39.4 feet
  • Throw Ratio 1.35 - 2.7:1
  • Keystone Corr. +/- 30 degrees
  • Lens Shift V - +/-100% - H - +/-26%
  • Proj. Methods ceiling/desk, front/rear



  • Dimensions 18.5" x 5.15" x 14.11" (W x H x D)
  • Unit Weight 19.2 lbs.



  • Power Supply 100-240 v AC, 50/60 HZ
  • Power Consumption 220
  • Ecomode No
  • FCC Class B
  • Audible Noise 22.0 dB
  • Lamp 220 W UHM Lamp
  • Lamp Life 4000 hours


Included Accessories

  • Items Included Power Cord, Wireless Remote Control Unit, Batteries for Remote Control, Lens Cover
  • Remote Control Remote Control Included
  • Carry Case Carry Case NOT Inlcuded
  • Projector 2 years parts and labor
  • Lamp 90 Days
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