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The ProForm 890E is an elliptical trainer with a unique Power Ramp design.

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heart rate monitoring is fairly accurate and responsive

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display shows plenty of statistics to track your progress

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wide range of resistance levels available

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durable enough to be used daily without any issues

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roller lifts off the rail a bit at low resistances, makes a bit of noise

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no tray to put down a radio or MP3 player

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no cup/bottle holder anywhere, have to pretty much wait until you're done for a drink

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The ProForm 890E is an elliptical trainer with a unique Power Ramp design. This allows for a wide range of incline adjustment, from 10 to 30 degrees, although stride length is constrained to between 18 and 20 inches. Apart from the design of the incline itself, this trainer closely resembles the ProForm 1050E in that it possesses the same set of features. Dual-grip EKG heart rate monitors track the stress the user is undergoing, allowing for the integrated iFit Workout Card technology to adjust the program accordingly. An 8 week performance plan can be set, and audio feedback informs the user where they are throughout the workout. A music port for an iPod or other MP3 player is built in, allowing a user to easily listen to a custom soundtrack while exercising. Intermix Acoustics 2.0 speakers are specifically built to fill out the audio of compressed MP3 files, resulting in a rich sound. The Grafixx Display shows a variety of statistics in an easy-to-read screen, and a CoolAire Workout Fan has been added to help the user stay comfortable.

  • 10 - 30 deg Power Ramp
  • 18 - 20 in stride length
  • Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor
  • iFit Workout Card Technology
  • Oversized, Slip Resistant Pedals
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod
  • Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Speakers
  • CoolAire Workout Fan
  • Grafixx Display
  • 325 lbs user capacity
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty and 1-Year Parts & Labor
  • SKU: PFEL09009
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