The print head moves on the X (left to right) axis and Z (up and down) axes, while the bed moves on the Y (backward and forward)

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The Printrbot Play (Model 1505) fully assembled 3D fused-filament-fabrication printer with metal frame has an open platform for fabricating parts up to 4 x 4 x 5 inches (W x D x H) using 1.75-mm PLA filament (sold separately). The print head moves on the X (left to right) axis and Z (up and down) axes, while the bed moves on the Y (backward and forward). The print bed is a metal plate and includes an auto-leveling probe that works with the user-chosen computer software to provide a level print surface.

The printer uses open source software and connects to the computer using the included micro-USB cable. Using a micro-SD card (sold separately), the printer can be disconnected from the computer after initialization for untethered printing. Maximum resolution of 100 microns. The printer includes a sample of filament.

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  • Metal construction for rigidity and consistent print results
  • Fan shroud and extruder cover to prevent children from touching the hot end
  • 4" x 4" x 5" build volume
  • Control the Play via USB or use the micro-SD port to print 'un-tethered'

  • The attachable spool rack is constructed of the same powder coated metal as the rest of the Play and allows you to print without worrying about filament tangles and hangs

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you use wood or metal PLA?

    PLA is plastic, Wood or Metal would be color designations only. So the answer is, Yes, it can print in Wood or Metal colored PLA.

  • What print filaments are included?

    There is a small amount of filament, but that is expected with ANY 3D printer. Get yourself some Hatchbox PLA when you order this. It's a great printer for the price. Do some research on the Printrbot website though so you know what to expect.

  • Does it smell bad (like gasoline) when it's printing?

    There is no odor from the printer or the plastic, before, during or after printing.

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