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The Prince Titan Ti MP+ is an entry-level tennis racquet similar to the Prince Fuse TI OS.

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Pre-strung design minimizes setup time - neutral tension is ideal for inexperienced players who don't know what they prefer

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Suitable for players of all ages - wide variety of size options make the unit appealing to users young and old

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Great for beginners - lightweight nature minimizes risk of joint and muscle damage while providing a good amount of shot power

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Racket is surprisingly well-balanced - helps to improve shot quality on awkward, long-reaching returns/volleys

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Smaller head size significantly increases shot accuracy - helpful for serves and especially useful for volleys

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Included accessories promote unit longevity - travel case maximizes durability, wrist strap reduces scratching and chipping amongst amateur players

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Stock 15L string type breaks rather quickly - not recommended for stronger players who take powerful shots

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The Prince Titan Ti MP+ is an entry-level tennis racquet similar to the Prince Fuse TI OS. Both pre-strung racquets sport a basic design with emphasis on sweet spot expansion, differing only in size and weight: the Titan Ti MP+ sports a 100 sq in headsize with an unstrung weight of 9.9 oz while the Fuse TI OS offers a 105 sq in headsize and an unstrung weight of 9.7 oz. Otherwise, both racquets offer an even balance, fusionlite alloy construction and Triple Force technology.

The Titan Ti MP+'s even balance makes it an ideal racquet for players just starting out as it places no emphasis on power or maneuverability. Its fusionlite alloy construction makes the Titan Ti MP+ lightweight without sacrificing durability. Meanwhile, the Titan Ti MP+'s Triple Force technology produces a larger sweet spot, allowing players to hit their best shots more often as a result.

  • Fusionlite alloy construction
  • Triple Force technology
  • Headsize: 100 sq in
  • Weight: 9.9 oz / 280g unstrung
  • Length: 27.0"
  • Balance: 33.0 cm / 13.0 in (even)
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
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