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The EXO3 Ignite Team 95 is a performance tennis racquet from Prince's EXO3 series that is designed for players with longer, fast

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Highly flexible and maneuverable to different positions for different shots

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Very good power level for a "low" powered racket

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Offers great control, power and bite from up at net or back of the baseline

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More speed and control than the standard Ignite Team 95 and other competing racquets

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Capable of reaching very high swing speeds compared to other racquets

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Open string design helps to produce more spin than closed racquets

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Handle design not quite as comfortable as Ignite 95

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Not quite as much weight or power as the EXO3 Ignite 95, some shots resultantly require more effort

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Feels like strings pop easier with this racket

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Strings seem more prone to breaking than typical for this style

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The EXO3 Ignite Team 95 is a performance tennis racquet from Prince's EXO3 series that is designed for players with longer, faster strokes.  The racquet has a classic midsize frame for stability and is designed with an open string pattern for improved spin and feel.  It is lighter in weight than the EXO3 Ignite 95 to provide better maneuverability.  The EXO3 Ignite Team 95 includes Prince's Energy Channel technology which incorporates a sculpted groove in the frame that provides stability, control, and increased ball spin.  The racquet has a suggested retail price of $200.

  • ResiPro Grip
  • Energy Bridge Technology
  • Energy Channel
  • Length: 27"
  • Headsize: 95
  • Weight: 10.4oz/295g
  • Power Level: 800
  • Swing Weight: 295
  • String Pattern: 16 x 18
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