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The Prince EXO3 Hybrid Gold 107 is a mid-range tennis racquet similar to the Prince EXO3 Hybrid 110.

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The Prince EXO3 Hybrid Gold 107 is a mid-range tennis racquet similar to the Prince EXO3 Hybrid 110. The main differences between the Hybrid Gold and Hybrid 110 are headsize and weight: the Hybrid 110 features a 110 sq in headsize and weighs 8.8 oz unstrung while the Hybrid Gold's headsize is 107 sq in with an unstrung weight of 8.9 oz. Otherwise, the two racquets sport the same features, including: enhanced string suspension inserts, a re-engineered cross section and Double Bridge vibration dampening technology.

The Hybrid Gold 107's enhanced string suspension inserts feature a larger size and a thermoplastic/carbon fiber construction, ensuring optimal responsiveness, making off-center shots feel as though they were hit in the sweet spot. Its re-engineered cross section provides the Hybrid Gold with added torsional stability for greater power and accuracy. Meanwhile, the Hybrid Gold's Double Bridge vibration dampening technology reduces shock as well as string vibration for greater comfort.

  • Enhanced string suspension inserts
  • Re-engineered cross section
  • Double Bridge vibration dampening technology
  • Weight: 8.9 oz / 252g unstrung
  • Headsize: 107 sq in
  • Balance: 36.0 cm / 14.2 in, 5 pts. Head Heavy
  • Grip: ResiSoft
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