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Fisher-Price brings the excitement of Power Wheels indoors so young drivers can take a ride with Thomas.

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Fisher-Price brings the excitement of Power Wheels indoors so young drivers can take a ride with Thomas. Specifically designed for toddlers, it offers toddler-friendly features including easy-to-use push-button operation, comfortable footrests and six volts of battery power for a fun but safe 1 mph forward speed on track and up to 2 mph off track. Get started by putting together the easy-to-assemble track and letting kids ride Thomas around & around. Then, when they're ready to steer, simply take the train off the track for limitless adventures. Thomas fans can add to the fun by pressing the yellow whistle for phrases and sounds from their favorite blue engine.

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  • Fun styling, Thomas phrases and sounds and toddler-friendly features
  • Includes Thomas ride-on with 6-volt battery; charger and easy-to-assemble track
  • Push button operation for easy stop and go
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Up to 1 mph max. speed on track and up to 2mph off track
  • 6Volt battery powered ride-on
  • 18 feet of easy-to-assemble track
  • Train works on or off the track
  • Thomas phrases and sounds
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All Aboard for Fun!

Little engines can do big things! The Fisher-Price Thomas with Track lets kids ride right in your living room. Fun styling, Thomas phrases and sounds, and toddler-friendly features will have them hopping aboard every chance they get. The push-button control switches make it easy for little ones to master. They’ll easily learn when and how to start, go forward, steer, and stop. And the included track lets kids as young as 12 months old ride around (and around) before they’re ready to “drive” around. Then, when they get older, they can steer Thomas on an off-track adventure!

Power Wheels provide self-confidence as children develop a “can-do” spirit and promote understanding of basic concepts like cause and effect as children learn how to make the vehicle go forward, start and stop. Plus, getting on and off the vehicle and driving around helps develop cognitive awareness, balance and motor skills! And the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Thomas is the perfect vehicle to drive young imaginations. Kids develop role play skills as they pretend to drive around and create their own adventures with Thomas & Friends!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a good toy for a 3 year old? Some specs say it is for 36 months-8 years and some are for 12 months-3 years.

    This toy is actually for ages 12-36 months. Up to 40lbs. There is no way any 8 yr old would fit on this. I contemplated this to for my 34 month old but he would out grow this in a heartbeat

  • The dimensions given appear very small. Is this a smaller scale train toy than the other "Thomas Train Toy"?

    Here are the correct dimensions, so is larger to accommodate the child: 27.75"L x 13.1"W x 17.5"H. Also, if you look at the images between the two Thomas Power Wheels, the child to vehicle ratio is the same but this one has the advantage of getting the track as well. (The dimensions are now showing correcty on Amazon.)

  • Can the Power wheels ThomasTrain be steered when it is off the track?


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