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The LC80i-IP is a high end in-ceiling speaker unit from Polk Audio.

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The LC80i-IP is a high end in-ceiling speaker unit from Polk Audio. The LC80i-IP model is an active internet protocol ready speaker pair created for use with IP networked systems which means users can control and edit different sound preferences using any web browser by connecting to a unique IP address; just like what is done to create a personal network with a wireless router. The LC80i-IP unit also works with a regular analog audio system as well. The speakers feature an integrated digital amplifier, signal processor, and room correction software which enables each unit to automatically adjust settings based on room size, environment, and placement.

The LC80i-IP features an 8" high performance driver which is set in the frame at a 15 degree offset along with two tweeters which are also suspended on a 15 degree swivel this allows the unit to "disperse uniform sound over a wide area". Through the custom IP system users can simply program the speakers with the room dimensions and placement location within the room they are installed and the speakers will automatically adjust for maximum sound quality. The LC80i-IP unit is equipped with moisture and rust resistant hardware making installation in bathrooms, saunas, kitchens, and even outdoor under covered patios safe.

The LC80i-IP includes the same body and frame design as Polk Audio's additional LCxxi series speaker units; and about the same moderate specs and audio quality as well. However, no other speaker in the Polk audio lineup is equipped with the same IP control system and automatic sound performance selection support, or room correction software.

The LC80i-IP includes compatibility with a NetStream StreamNet card (sold separately) which allows the speaker unit the capability of processing streamed and packet-switched audio which is transmitted by an additional media device. The StreamNet card supports standard WAV or MP3 format audio files as well as full TCP-IP control over each unit within the system. Polk Audio also claims that the IP system includes a "pure digital signal all the way to the power amplifier, with no losses and perfect fidelity"; this of course only applies when used in conjunction with the NetStream DigiLynx system.

  • High-end In-wall/ in-ceiling Speaker Unit
  • High Performance enclosures
  • Driver Features
    • Dynamic polypropylene cones
    • Composite Driver Basket
    • 15 degree cone offset for wider sound production
    • 15 degree swivel tweeters
  • Moisture resistant materials allow universal installation options
  • Solid diffuse switch
  • Wide dispersion design for larger rooms
  • Finishes: white, paintable
  • Integrated digital amplifiers
  • Unique Unit Features
    • Built in digital signal processor
    • Performance optimization wizard
    • Room correction software
    • Full compatibility with NetStream DigiLynx system and StreamNet card
  • Midwoofer: 1-8" diameter
  • Tweeter: 1- 1"" diameter
  • Overall frequency Response: 25Hz- 27KHz
  • Lower 3dB limit: 40Hz
  • Upper 3dB limit: 26KHz
  • Input: Ethernet or RCA
  • Power output: 100 watts
  • Power requirements:  28 or 48DVC
  • Diameter: :10-5/8"
  • Cutout diameter: 9-3/8"
  • Mounting depth: 7- 1/4"
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