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The Polk Audio MM651 is a 6.5" coax speaker that is designed for sport vehicles such as Jeeps and boats.

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Sound outputting is clear and warm - mid and high ranges are reproduced without harshness/distortion

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High signal-to-noise ratio provides sensitive, powerful volume - most users will not require the speakers to go beyond the 85% level

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Little to no warm-up period - pristine audio is accessible immediately after powering on, unlike competitors from Kicker and Infinity

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Functions well as a rear speaker in conjunction with a front component unit - versatile frequency handling is complimentary to multi-speaker configurations

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Bass frequencies are surprisingly well-represented - outperforms competitors from Kicker and Alpine, even some units with dedicated subwoofers

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Coaxial layout may not respond well to outboard equalization - may cause frustration amongst sound experts and audiophiles

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Not compatible with shallower doors, despite what is listed on Amazon and official website - sporty, streamlined vehicles are likely to encounter door panel issues

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The Polk Audio MM651 is a 6.5" coax speaker that is designed for sport vehicles such as Jeeps and boats. These speakers are based on the flagship SR Series but maintain a competitive price. Key features include Swivel Mount tweeters(for aiming the sound), Neodymium Magnets(light weight rare earth metal), Carbon Composite Baskets, Woven Glass Composite Cones which offer a high stiffness-to-mass ratio for more precision, Large(30mm)-Diameter Voice Coils for increased power handling, and a power handling capacity of 100w(rms). Stylish grilles are also included.

  • Frequency response: 40-25kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 2.7 ohms
  • Power Handling(continuous): 100w
  • Power Handling(peak): 200w
  • Efficiency: 94db
  • Mid/Woofer:  6 1/2"
  • Tweeter:  1" Diameter Soft Dome
  • Full-range Mounting Depth(top mount): 2 5/8", bottom mount: 2 7/8"
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