The MM Series features 18 new models, including 3 Ultra Marine designs, to fit virtually any application on land and water.

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Designed and styled specifically for use in the marine environment, The MM651UM isn't just car speaker labeled for use on a boat. Used in a speaker can or installed on your boat, it works great for both! A unique tweeter-on-grille design eliminates the traditional tweeter post, resulting in a totally sealed front. With waterproof materials, it will stand up to just about any harsh marine environment while sounding great, thanks to Polk marine certification and Polk technology.

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  • Completely sealed front design prevents water intrusion.
  • Built-on grille includes tweeter mount which eliminates the traditional tweeter "stalk".
  • Sealed crossover assembly is built into back of magnet means there's no need to find room to hide an extra box.
  • Stainless steel heavy duty input terminals and mounting hardware will not corrode or tarnish.
  • Passes the most rigorous 600 hours of salt fog and UV testing (ASTM international B117-03 standard practice for operating salt spray (fog) apparatus and D4329-99 standard.
  • Dynamic BalanceĀ® driver technology for pure, distortion free sound.
  • Neodymium is a rare earth material we use in all MM driver magnets, excluding 461P, that are about 1/10 the weight of a comparable ceramic magnet and much more powerful.
  • Carbon composite basket based on the spokes of a wheel is lightweight and will not flex.
  • Woven glass composite cones feature tremendous stiffness-to mass ratio. Lower mass means faster transients and finer detail.
  • Klippel optimized components for the best possible performance, even at extreme listening levels.
  • Marine Certified Polk MM Series speakers are built tough to withstand the toughest environments so they are perfect for use in boats of all types. That's why Correct Craft offers Polk speakers in their award-winning Nautiques ski and wakeboarding boats.
  • Large-diameter voice coil (30mm) increases reliability and power handling capacity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this price for one speaker or a pair?

    It is for 1 pair of speakers.

  • How do you remove the speaker grill from the speaker

    You can't, it's connected to the frame. The picture is misleading, it shows a different model (coaxial) with the grille removed. If you're doing a bottom mount install, this may not be the speaker you want. It can still be done but the grill will add about 3/4" depth.

  • Can use these in a non-sealed box application?

    Yes, they sound great.

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