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The Polk Audio SurroundBar6000 IHT is an instant home theatre in a single speaker system.

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easy to setup - users only need to connect a single audio cable and the power cable

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convincingly produces a surround sound like effect

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produces full and rich audio - sounds good to the ears

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lots of volume - easily fills small to medium-sized rooms

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doesn't have a display to show the volume or subwoofer level

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expensive - complete surround sound systems can be purchased for about the same amount

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not truly a surround sound system - only simulates a 5.1 speaker configuration

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lacks audio controls - there's no way to adjust the bass or treble

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The Polk Audio SurroundBar6000 IHT is an instant home theatre in a single speaker system. It features Polk's patented SDA Surround (3D Surround Sound), on-board Dolby Digital, and Polk Digital Logic.

The SurroundBar6000 IHT features SDA Surround, which does not depend on room acoustics or a perfect placement to achieve the desired effect. The on-board Dolby Digital feature allows users to connect their TV, Blu-ray, or gaming console directly to the SurroundBar6000 through optical or analog inputs so those systems can also be experienced in surround sound. Polk Digital Logic works with the SDA to reproduce multiple audio channels without requiring multiple speakers.
Model downgrades include the Polk Audio SurroundBar3000 IHT, which does not feature the on-board Dolby Digital feature, but requires less power.

  • instant home theatre
  • single speaker system
  • SDA Surround
  • smartbar programming
  • slim and lightweight
  • on-board Dolby Digital
  • Polk Digital Logic
  • total system power: 280 watts
  • includes: 6-foot optical cable, 6-foot 1/8-inch analog cable, subwoofer power cord, 24V power supply, quick start guide, remote control (battery included) remote control programming guide, owner's manual
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