It is a mid-grade custom loud speaker that is specifically designed to be installed flush in the ceiling or wall.

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The Polk Audio MC80 is a mid-grade custom loud speaker that is specifically designed to be installed flush in the ceiling or wall. The Polk Audio MC80 includes the same body design and full performance specs as its predecessor model the Polk Audio MC60; however the MC80 includes a larger 8" woofer driver and a 3/4" tweeter. The larger driver units included in the MC80 allow the unit to produce a lower frequency response range of 35Hz to 20KHz. It is also important to note that the MC80 unit is manufactured with moisture proof materials including Butyl Rubber surrounds and a rust resistant grille which makes installation in kitchens, bathrooms, saunas, or under-eave outdoor patios safe.

The MC80 features an 8" mid-range/woofer cone designed of polymer composite material with a unique shape that Polk Audio specifically calls Dynamic Balance technology; Polk also claims this technology "allows for a wider range response combined with a low distortion that is provided even in large rooms". The MC80 speaker also has a 3/4" silk dome tweeter which includes an integrated neodymium magnet to enhance high frequency sound quality. The Polk Audio MC80 speakers are sold individually and are meant to be used as center sound units in a surround application system, however consumers may purchase more than one and use them as front, right or left channel sound units as well. For consumers wishing to conceal the speaker or keep it out of sight the powder coated aluminum grille can be painted to match any room.

  • Driver Features
    • 8" polymer cone driver
    • 3/4" Silk dome tweeter
  • Sits flush against the wall; less visible
  • Moisture proof materials; universal installation options
  • Paintable grille (powder coated aluminum)
  • Wide dispersion design for larger rooms
  • Sold individually
  • Overall frequency response: 35Hz-20KHz
  • Lower 3dB limit:50Hz
  • Upper 3 dB limit: 20KHz
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • Recommended amplifier power: 20- 100 w/channel
  • Efficiency: 92dB
  • Dimensions
    • Diameter: 10- 9/16"
    • Cutout diameter: 9- 3/8""
    • Depth: 4- 11/16"
    • weight: 3.5lbs each
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