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This is Polk audio's top of the line model for their LSi series speakers.

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Ring radiator tweeter is extremely detailed and smooth

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Excellent imaging

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Has a built-in powered subwoofer in each enclosure.

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Punchy midrange from dual 5.25" mids

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Needs to be out away from the wall a good bit for best imaging and bass output.

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Limited finish options.

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Can be complicated to set up.

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The cherry side panels are a tough match to other furniture.

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Speakers need some extra break-in to sound their best.

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This is Polk audio's top of the line model for their LSi series speakers. These speakers are floor-standing with 2 - 5 1/4" aerated polypropylene mids, a 1" shielded dynamic balance ring radiator tweeter, and featuring a 10" polymer composite subwoofer. This speaker comes in an ebony or cherry finish.
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05/16/2008 01:47

Presently I am using an all-LSi speaker system (5.2 channels) run by the Onkyo TX-SR875 surround receiver. I have to say that the system sounds fantastic - much better than my prior system. I know this because my ex-wife got the prior system (Definitive Tech bipolar towers w/ 12" powered subs, 3-way amplified LCR powered by a Yamaha receiver.) I can tell you that, the Polk/Onkyo combo is pure magic - especially for the price point. I did A/B/C/D comparisons Running the Polks off the Yamaha and the Onkyo and then running the DefTechs off both receivers. The Onkyo receiver made both speakers sound better than when run off of the Yamaha, but (when run by the Onkyo especially) the Polks absolutely outshone the DefTechs in every way except a sense of spaciousness, bass output and depth of bass. The Polks had punchier, tighter, more detailed bass; punchier more detailed midrange and far smoother more detailed treble than the DefTechs. In fact, it was when I did the speaker comparison on the Onkyo that I realized the DefTechs had a bit of metallic flavor to the highs that I hadn't noticed before but which is probably characteristic of using aluminum domes. With the Polks, there was none of that - just pure detailed music and a very real sense of being there.

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