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It is an ultra compact digital camera that falls smack dab in the middle of the super competitive budget line of cameras.

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Large 3.0" LCD screen relative to its overall size

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Inexpensive camera

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Useful panoramic mode

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Only fair image quality

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Slow shutter lag - 1.5 sec.

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Difficult to find replacement battery charger.

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Long next shot delay - 5 sec.

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Flash isn't that bright

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Sooner or later, this camera will refuse to open its lens and there is no known reliable fix.

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Cannot find spare batteries

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Buttons may stick

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Not SDHC compatible (older model)

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The Polaroid T737 is an ultra compact digital camera that falls smack dab in the middle of the super competitive budget line of cameras. Feature-wise this camera has all the standard buzzwords that one expects in this price range with no notable features missing. All of Polaroid's camera manufacturing is done in China, with many people counting their cameras as being inferior to other known names such as Canon and Nikon.

A 7 megapixel sensor headlines the feature specs with 3 times optical zoom, and image stabilization rounding out the list. It's unknown whether digital or the superior optical stabilization are used. An optical viewfinder is nowhere to be found as the large 3" LCD screen takes up most of the rear case's surface area.

Two video capture modes are available. An AVI capture mode films at a VGA resolution of 640x480 at 30fps. You can also film at a lower resolution of 320x240 at 30fps for reduced quality, but longer recording times due to reduced space consumption. 16MB of memory come standard, expandable with the SD memory card slot. An integrated Lithium-ion battery powers the camera.

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11/22/2010 09:10

I bought the Polaroid t737 and the shutter lens now refuses to open all the way. I have to open it the rest of the way with my finger. Also, it does lag a long time in between shots. This is not the camera for someone who is trying to catch a lot of pictures of action at one time. It was competitively priced and the battery life is decent. It lasted about a year before it stopped turning on at all no matter how long I charged the battery. We're not sure what happened.

02/28/2008 09:32

I bought this also on Woot's one day deal for 79.99. For this price, I would say it is worth it if you are not trying to do anything professional or fast-action. As a college student, it is likely to get stolen, dropped, lost, moved around a lot, and so I went with this. I have had it for 3 months now. My favorite feature is that the battery lasts forever!! My old digital camera conked out after 5 shots with flash, but I've taken appx 300 flash pictures, and the battery is only down to 1/3 left. I have not had any problem with the buttons sticking, and the button that switches between camera, video and pictures worked instantly with no lag. My only wish was that this was SDHC card compatible, so that I could put in a 4GB card and takes lots of videos. I did notice that when taking lots of flash shots repeatedly, you cannot hit the shutter immediately after taking a picture. It takes a few seconds to register that you are pressing down on it to focus and shoot.

01/19/2008 06:39

I just bought the Polaroid t737. I got it new from one day deal... for $84.00. It seems like a nice camera for the money. It's not though because the button that changes from camera, review picture and video mode don't work. It is stuck in camera mode. So I have no way to review the pictures I have taken on the camera.I would have to upload them to my computer to see them. I also can't get to the video mode.


I got the button to work. You have to hold the button for about 4 seconds.

12/29/2007 11:21

Next shot lag can vanish if you buy a good SD chip (120X-150X, class 6)

12/10/2007 11:20

Polaroid isn't a discrete brand any more. They license their name to just about anyone.

12/05/2007 12:15

Has all the features you're looking for and nice controls. On/off and shutter are right next to one another and it's easy to turn the camera off when you're trying to snap a shot. Slow lag is bothersome. My colors are blueish, flash is weak, and even with image stab, I'm getting lots of blurry shots. The playback speaker is almost inaudible. And, there's no way to keep sequencing shot numbers after you move the files to a PC. The size is great

11/20/2007 02:39

This camera may be a good choice because of it's great price, and very large 3.0" LCD, but it's slow shutter speed and next-shot delay, could be a deal-breaker if you need to shoot action shots. Apparently, Polaroid's R&D has all but come to a halt. (source Wikipedia)

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