The Polaroid 72″ ProPod Tripod extends to a full 6 feet, and yet it only weighs 4 pounds.

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It features fluid pan-head, braced center columns, all-terrain leg tips, dual levels, compact-footprints, ergonomically designed carry handles and foam grips-and everything else you'd expect from a tripod line inspired by over half a century of imaging innovation. And to ensure they're part of your "accessory arsenal" for the long term, crafted them from industrial grade, lightweight aluminum to ensure they always keep your valuable equipment on solid ground. No matter if you choose our ultra compact desktop models, our unique monopod or our ruggedized all terrain models, you'll immediately understand why Polaroid tripods are considered the ultimate in "classic image stabilization".

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  • Exclusive Double Bubble Dual Bubble Levels
  • Extends To A Full 6 Feet Yet Weighs 4 Pounds Yet Retracts To Just 28 Inches For Anytime / Anywhere Portability
  • Industrial Grade Materials And Construction Provide Maxium Stability And Versatility In A Variety Of Situations Regardless Of Equipment
  • Ergonomically Designed, Built In Carrying Handle plus No Sweat Foam Grips
  • Locking Braced Center Column Withs Well <> Swivel Set Rubber Feet For Spike Like Traction & Stability Without Damaging Surfaces Convenient
  • Multi Purpose Pan Head Ideal For Camcorders As Well
  • Swivel Set Rubber Feet For Spike Like Traction & Stability Without Damaging Surfaces
  • Three Section, Fully Adjustable Legs With Stay Set Auto Locking Mechanism For Fast And Easy Height Adjustments
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Size Options

42" , 50", 57", 64" Pro, 65" Carbon, 72", 75", 8", 8" Color, Carbon Fiber Travel, Dolly, Flexi Pro, Flexible

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If this would hold the Sony vx2000? the camera itself is heavy.

    When fully can only support point and shoot type cameras ...I wouldn't recommend using it on SLR cameras.

  • Can this tripod hold a d5100 nikon with lens attach?

    Any dslr camera will fit

  • If the tripod head could be changed or is it permanently fixed?

    The head is movable and it would fit most cameras or telescopes if they are not too big.

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