The Polaris Widetrak LX (2011) is an upper mid-cost snowmobile.

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The Polaris Widetrak LX (2011) is an upper mid-cost snowmobile. This snowmobile is built to tow and haul. Accordingly, it is equipped with a rear rack and tow hitch. As the Widetrak name indicates, this snowmobile has an extra-wide twenty inch track, which helps with flotation. The skis that this snowmobile sits upon are gripper type skis, which offer lots of traction. The cargo rack of the Widetrak LX (2011) is large enough to fit a chainsaw or ice auger. The underseat storage compartment of this snowmobile adds additional space for personal or work items. The adjustable backrest of this snowmobile allows you to easily go from solo riding to two-up. The Widetrak LX (2011) is equipped with a Hi-Low-N-Reverse shifter, which allows you to easily and quickly choose the best gear for the task at hand. The engine of this snowmobile is a Polaris liquid cooling engine, which features two cylinders operating at 488cc of displacement. The Polaris Widetrak LX (2011) work snowmobile is equipped with an electric start function.   

  • Color: Boardwalk Blue
  • 20" track
  • Cargo rack
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Hi-Low-N-Reverse shifter
  • Underseat storage compartment
  • Fixed steering
  • Electric start
  • Polaris engine
  • Liquid cooling
  • 2 cylinders (488cc displacement)
  • 72mm bore x 60mm stroke
  • CDI ignition
  • Single exhaust
  • 2-VM34 fuel system
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • P-85 drive
  • P2 driven clutch
  • 2 Passenger seat w/Storage, Adj. Backrest
  • Rear rack
  • Tow hitch    
  • 20" clear windshield
  • IFS front suspension
  • Gripper skis
  • Adjustable coupled rail rear suspension
  • Nitrex front/rear shock
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