The Polaris Turbo IQ LXT (2011) is a high-end touring snowmobile.

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The Polaris Turbo IQ LXT (2011) is a high-end touring snowmobile. The four-stroke engine of this snowmobile features two cylinders operating at 750cc displacement. This engine is designed to overboost by 30% for the first four seconds of acceleration, allowing you speed off the starting line. The five position steering post of the Turbo IQ LXT allows the driver to choose the position that best suits them. There is a dash-mounted 12v outlet on this snowmobile, which means that you can add a GPS or other 12v device to your snowmobile. By adjusting the Turbo IQ LXT's backrest you can quickly change it from a solo rider to two-up. This snowmobile is equipped with passenger handwarmers, which the passenger can control via the rocker switch (that has high, low, and off settings). Hand gauntlets offer additional protection from wind and debris. This model differs from the slightly higher cost Turbo IQ LX (2011) model in that the Turbo IQ LX (2011) has 2160 cubic inches of storage space in the back, whereas the Turbo IQ LXT (2011) requires you to remove the passenger seat and add a Pure Polaris Touring Trunk as an accessory to get such storage (though the Turbo IQ LX lacks the Turbo IQ LXT's adjustable seat). The Polaris Turbo IQ LXT (2011) touring snowmobile is equipped with an electric start feature. 

  • Four-stroke engine (w/ liquid cooling)
  • 2 cylinders (750cc displacement)
  • 85mm bore x 66mm stroke
  • Bosch Closed Loop ignition
  • Single turbo exhaust
  • EFI fuel system
  • Phantom, Hydraulic disc brake
  • P-85 drive
  • P2 driven clutch
  • Rider Select (1-5) steering
  • Electric Start    
  • PERC-4 reverse
  • Std Pwr Pt-RCA 12v-DC Outlet
  • Hand & Thumb Warmers    
  • Heated Passenger Grips    
  • Mirrors        
  • 2-Up Pillow, Removable, Adj. Backrest seat
  • Rear Rack/Tow Hitch
  • IQ front suspension
  • RydeFX MPV front shocks
  • IQ dual ski type
  • IQ 136 comfort rear suspension
  • 16.5" smoke windshield
  • Color: Pearl White
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