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It features integrated Bluetooth technology for receiving mobile calls from a cell phone.

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includes a Bluetooth transmitter USB dongle for use with any PC

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Bluetooth - can be used with compatible devices without the dongle

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dual noise-canceling microphones

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can be paired with a mobile phone and a PC at the same time and switched on-the-go between both

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wireless with a range up to 33 feet

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great sound quality

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easy to use

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Plantronics is a well known quality headset manufacturer

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comfortable / ergonomic design

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very high price

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not much different from previous generation offerings

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The Plantronics Voyager PRO UC is a dual-mode mono headset that allows users to switch between PC calls and those received via a mobile phone. It features integrated Bluetooth technology for receiving mobile calls from a cell phone, as well as a plug-n-play USB Bluetooth dongle for receiving VoIP calls directly from a PC. It’s especially friendly for Skype users, as it includes firmware that lets users swap between cell and Skype calls by merely pressing a button on the headset. Additional features include dual noise-canceling microphones, a range of up to 33’, and a batch of advanced technologies that ensure crisp/high-quality audio where every word is heard clearly.

Additional Information

Note that although the Voyager PRO UC is nearly identical to the Voyager PRO, the original Voyager PRO is NOT COMPATIBLE with the included Bluetooth dongle. 

  • Dual-Mode Headset
  • VoIP Calls Over PC (USB Bluetooth Dongle)
  • Mobile Calls Over Cell-Phone (Bluetooth)
  • Firmware for Skype
  • Dual Noise-Canceling Microphones
  • Advanced Audio Technology
  • Sku Number: WG200/B
  • Part Number: 38667-01
  • Type: Mono
  • Form Factor: Earbud
  • Microphone: Mono
  • Built-in DSP: Yes
  • Wind Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Voice Isolation: Yes
  • Bluetooth Range: 33'
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