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The Savi 700 series is changing the way productivity-focused office professionals communicate.

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The Savi 700 series is changing the way productivity-focused office professionals communicate. With multi-device connectivity, a newly designed convertible headset, and up to 350 feet of wireless range, now you can easily manage desk phone, PC and mobile phone calls with the most intelligent wireless headset system on the market.
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  • One intelligent headset to manage PC, mobile and desk phone calls
  • Hot swappable battery for unlimited talk-time (Additional battery sold separately)
  • Wireless freedom up to 350-Feet from your desk
  • One-touch call answer/end, vol +/-, mute & flash controls across devices
  • Noise-cancelling microphone & dual ear pieces help filters out background noise for you and the receiver
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Three-Way Connectivity

Three-way connectivity lets you easily switch and mix audio between desk phone, PC and mobile phones with one intelligent, wireless headset system. Ideal for office professionals who use multiple devices and require best-in-class sound quality for their business communications.

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Wearing Styles For You

Choose the style that's right for you with more wearing style choices than any other wireless headset system on the market. Convertible (over-the-ear, behind-the-head, over-the-head), over-the-ear and over-the-head (monaural and binaural) designs available.

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Power In The Base

With one-touch call answer/end, vol+/-, mute and flash, manage calls from any connected device up to 350 feet from the charging base. Automatically routes mobile calls to the mobile phone or headset – whichever device is within easy reach. Transfer audio between headset and mobile phone with a press of a button so you can leave the office and take the mobile call with you.

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Software-Enabled Functionality

With Plantronics Spokes software get the added value of:

  • Call control across multiple softphones
  • Battery meter conveniently displays headset battery life remaining in PC icon tray
  • Headset control panel allows for customization of settings, including call notification and related options
  • UC presence automatically updated when on a call; not only on PC calls, but also when on mobile calls*

*Feature currently for Microsoft Lync and Skype only

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If this headset is compatible to use on Blog Talk Radio?

    I don't know about Blog Talk Radio specifically, but since it can connect to your computer (as well as bluetooth, and landlines), I don't see whay not. Its a fantastic headset. I use it everyday. And because it works so well, my department just made it our official headset for all new hires.

  • Does this actually have ability for an optional hot-swappable battery? Plantronics spec sheet seems to indicate that is only on the 740/745 models.

    Yes and no -- had never noticed it til you asked. It does have a small rubber cover/boot that can be removed to do a battery replacement. It has a smaller version of the battery you see in many cordless phones. Two pin plug, very short wire and battery. Seems easy enough to replace. The reason I mention no, is I don't know if the the rubber cover is designed for constant swaps. Nor do I believe it is hot-swappable, meaning the conversation in process is not dropped.

  • Can this be used with a cell phone only

    It's used with a desk phone, PC audio/soft phone and bluetooth/cell phone.

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