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It is designed to allow shorter cooking times without the need to regulate temperature or smoke.

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The PBC Package includes the following: 1-30 Gallon Steel Drum 8-Stainless Steel Hooks 2-Steel Hanging Rods 1-Charcoal Basket 1-Grill Grate 1-Wooden Hook Remover 1-Horseshoe Barrel stand  1-4.7oz All-Purpose Pit Rub 1-4.7oz Beef & Game Pit Rub. The Pit Barrel Cooker combines the best qualities of smokers and slow cookers to create a unique "vertical cooking experience" that produces perfectly cooked meat every time. It is designed to allow shorter cooking times without the need to regulate temperature or smoke. It is simple to use, portable and built to last. The PBC has received rave reviews from some of the biggest names in BBQ.

The Pit Barrel Cooker is a top loading steel drum cooker that is designed to work at a specific temperature. Sometimes called an ugly drum smokers (UDS), this style of cooker puts foods directly over the fire in a closed space that limits airflow to hold temperatures low and consistent. Simply put, this style of cooker is a steel barrel standing upright on legs with vents in the bottom, a basket for charcoal in the bottom and racks or hooks for holding the food towards the top, just under the lid.

It is worth mentioning that the Pit Barrel Cooker isn't marketed as a smoker, but rather a cooker. It is one of those charcoal powdered units that sits somewhere between an enclosed grill and a smoker, capable of doing both, but not traditionally seen as either. This is not to say that it isn't effective as a grill or a smoker.

While the Pit Barrel Cooker comes with a 240 square inch cooking grate it is primarily designed for hanging meats. There are two metal bars that fit through holes towards the top of the barrel. The unit comes standard with 8 meat hooks and a lifting tool that allows meats to be hung from the bars over the charcoal fire. Everything from racks of ribs to whole briskets can be hung inside the cooker. The advantage of this method is that it maximizes the cooking capacity. The single cooking grate is actually quite small and would hold two racks of ribs at best. With the hooks, eight racks can be cooked at a time. The cooking grate would only be used for more direct grilling like hamburgers or fillets of fish for instance.

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  • Charcoal Grill
  • One 240 square inch cooking grate
  • Two suspension rods with 8 stainless steel meat hooks
  • Preset intake vent with adjustable cover
  • Removable charcoal pan
  • High temperature powder coated steel construction
  • Made in the USA by Pit Barrel Cooker
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What's Included

  • 1 30 Gallon Steel Drum
  • 8 Stainless Steel Hooks
  • 2 Steel Hanging Rods
  • 1 Charcoal Basket
  • 1 Grill Grate
  • 1 Wooden Hook Remover
  • 1 Horseshoe Barrel stand 
  • 1 4.7oz All-Purpose Pit Rub
  • 1 4.7oz Beef & Game Pit Rub
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you hang meat other than ribs. i like to cook all kinds of meat{turkey breast ect.

    You can hang them by securing them with the hooks, (there are eight hooks) or you can lay them flat on the grill grates that is included, here is one of many youtube videos that will give you a better idea.

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