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The Pioneer MVH-P8300BT is an in-dash digital media receiver that fits into 1-DIN slots.

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sleek, clean panel and interface

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good selection of customization options to the appearance

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plays a variety of music, video and image formats

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audio quality is clear and crisp, everything sounds detailed

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control of tone is in-depth and well rendered

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knob is difficult to push in without twisting accidentally

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no support for artwork embedded in ID3 tags on USB devices

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knob is a little too stiff and smooth to work with comfortably while driving

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The Pioneer MVH-P8300BT is an in-dash digital media receiver that fits into 1-DIN slots. It uses a 3 inch full-color TFT display that will show track information as well as pictures and DivX video. When connected to an iPod or iPhone through the USB port, full control of the media player can be accessed. The Pandora iPhone app can also be used for streaming playback from the Internet. Users can also copy their own digital content to an SD memory card or USB device for playback, with support for MP3, WMA, AAC and DivX formats. JPEG images can also be displayed in digital photo frame mode. Bluetooth devices can also connect with no additional accessory purchase required.

  • In-dash 1-DIN Digital Media Receiver
  • 3 in Full-Color TFT display
  • MP3/WMA/iTunes AAC/JPEG Playback
  • DivX Video Playback from SD Memory Card/USB Device
  • Digital Photo Frame
  • Built-in SD Card Slot
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • iPod/iPhone Direct Control with Audio/Video Playback (CD-IU50V required)\
  • Pandora Stations using iPhone Pandora App
  • XM, Sirius, and HD Radio Ready
Post Review
12/11/2011 11:55

true, i have the same problem. Got a 32GB SD card and it just plays random songs no matter what you choose. Who tested this thing??
I added separate amps and while my iPhone 4s can answer calls and they can hear me, I cannot hear them.

07/06/2011 04:19

mic is included.
But this product sucks - if you plan to use USB or SD with more than 2GB of memory - forget. It will read them (every time this operation repeats!) for more than 15Minutes. And of course you can not listedn to other source while that bastard is r-e-a-d-i-n-g. Sic!
A2DP is also unsupported.
It is very hard to scan for radio-station while driving *I am doing this all the time while driving through ne territory*
Front detachable panel is flimsy

Mohammed Alsayegh
02/22/2011 07:13

hi my question is the built in bluetooth is to make phone calls. does it come with the mic.


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