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The Pioneer MVH-P8200 is a mid-range to high-level head unit for car stereo systems。

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Bluetooth works great

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attractive screen, and backlight color can be customized

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AM/FM tuner gets great reception even with weak signals

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the manual is not optional, needs to be read to find all the functions

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interface is confusing at first, takes some getting used to

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takes more button presses than it should to change radio stations

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pushing the knob straight in is tricky sometimes, needs to be done at the right angle

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dial knob isn't the easiest to turn, combines stiffness with being smooth

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songs can't be selected one by one with the remote commander

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The Pioneer MVH-P8200 is a mid-range to high-level head unit for car stereo systems and is touted as being "mech-free", meaning it has no mechanical parts. Primarily, this means that the MVH-P8200 has no CD player. However, it has a variety of more modern interfaces such as a USB port for iPod/iPhone and other USB devices and an SD card slot. It also comes equipped with HD radio, for a high-quality radio experience; of course this means it is Sirius and XM satellite radio ready. The MVH-P8200's 3" TFT Display provides a large graphical interface for iPod/iPhone use and will even display images and videos.

The MVH-P8200 can directly interface with portable media storage devices such as USB sticks and SD cards for playback of a variety of music file types. Its iPod/iPhone functionality goes a bit further, allowing for a search interface as well as iTunes tagging, which allows you to tag a song heard on the radio for later download on iTunes. The MVH-P8200's HD radio promises CD-quality FM radio and FM-quality AM radio as well as a stronger signal for clear reception without any necessary subscription. Additionally, the MVH-P8200's 3" TFT Display can display any number of video media files as well as jpeg files for a true AV experience.

  • Mech-free design - no moving parts
  • USB and SD card slots for direct media playback
  • iPhone/iPod compatibility
  • iTunes tagging
  • 3" TFT Display provides clear, colourful menus
  • Can display jpeg and video files
  • HD radio for a high-quality listening experience
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06/10/2011 04:13

Bluetooth works great

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