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The Pioneer DEX-P99RS is a top of the line head unit for high-end car stereo systems and is Pioneer's flagship head unit.

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USB is connected straight with the DSP section, providing better sound quality than regular USB head units

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Comes with a USB cable

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Shiny visually appealing faceplate

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The included hardware allows you to mount the remote on any flat surface

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All the features that can be accessed through the faceplate can also be accessed with the included remote control

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The price point may scare some people off

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The Pioneer DEX-P99RS is a top of the line head unit for high-end car stereo systems and is Pioneer's flagship head unit. Its L/R Independent 31-Band Digital Equalizer allows for precision manipulation of in-cabin acoustics through the adjusting of high quality speakers and allows for a 1/3 octave step from 20Hz to 20,000Hz; 5 custom equalization memories can be stored. Auto time alignment is an automatic function of the DEX-P99RS which estimates the delay from speaker to driver and compensates, ensuring that music emanating from all speakers reaches the driver's ears at the same moment. The DEX-P99RS is also completely iPod and iPhone compatible. 

The DEX-P99RS is designed for a high-end setup; its design and features all ensure the best possible sound quality when paired appropriately with high-quality speakers. Features such as Auto time alignment ensure the best possible listening experience while driving. The DEX-P99RS' L/R Independent 31-Band Digital Equalizer function allows for the customization of the listening experience the DEX-P99RS creates to a very precise degree. Its iPod and iPhone compatibility allows the DEX-P99RS to play your entire media library while on the road. However, a high-quality lossless format such as FLAC or Apple's proprietary ALAC would be best for taking advantage of the DEX-P99RS' quality.

  • L/R Independent 31-Band Digital Equalizer
  • Auto Time Alignment and Auto EQ
  • USB port for iPod/iPhone connectivity
  • 32-Bit Binary Floating-Point DSP
  • Custom-made capacitor
  • Copper-plated chassis
  • Plexiglass and black brushed aluminum finish
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