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The Pioneer Premier DEH-P980BT is a high-end car audio head unit that is ready to connect to multiple different sources of audio

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built-in Bluetooth works great, connects right away and doesn't drop

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installation is simple and straight forward, entry-level users can handle it

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more than enough power to the speakers, makes the most of your OEM setup

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EQ really gives you good control over how everything sounds

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color OEL screen looks really cool, impressive to anyone who sees it

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controls are simple and easy to work with while you drive

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built-in subwoofer controls are handy, lets you quickly adjust downward when you roll into a quiet neighborhood

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contact list doesn't always transfer over, depending on the phone

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 The Pioneer Premier DEH-P980BT is a high-end car audio head unit that is ready to connect to multiple different sources of audio. It is capable of playing CD, MP3, WMA, WAV, and iTunes AAC files, along with built-in Bluetooth Wireless technology allowing you to make and accept calls. It can also seamlessly play music from an ipod and is satellite radio-ready. This unit has a vivid Organic EL (electroluminescent) display that is customizable with downloadable software. A new built-in AUX input has been added for connecting many devices such as digital music players. Using an included mic, Auto-EQ fine-tunes your unit by monitoring your car's acoustics, and Auto Time Alignment compensates for various different speaker distances so music reaches your ears at the same time. It also has 50 W x 4 MOSFET speaker power and three 5 V pre-outs for a clean amp signal and more detailed highs and lows. The best feature seems to be the fact that with a Bluetooth-capable cell phone, you can make/accept calls, talk, and hang up, all without touching your cell phone. This is a good quality, functional, car audio head unit at a reasonable price, and comes with a 10-key card remote.

  • 16-Band Graphic EQ
  • CD, MP3, WMA, WAV, iTunes AAC Capable
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology for use with Cell Phone
  • Customizable Organic EL Display 
  • iPod and Satellite Radio-Ready
  • New AUX input for various devices such as Digital Music Players
  • Three 5 V pre-outs
  • Auto-EQ
  • Auto Time Alignment
  • 50 W x 4 MOSFET Power
  • (Blue) Button Illumination
  • 10-Key Card Remote
  • Rotary Volume Control
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