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The Pioneer DEH-P9800BT is a high-end in dash cd reciever unit.

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high quality amplifier

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customizable LCD screen - instructions programmed via CD or USB port

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USB media playback

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iPod compatible

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HD/satellite radio ready

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The only thing I do not like is the volume control, you gotta turn the thing forever before it changes, way too slow, thank god for the remote

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includes steering wheel remote

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no touchscreen

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strictly audio - no video features

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The Pioneer DEH-P9800BT is a high-end in dash cd reciever unit; which was first announced at the 2009 CES event in Las Vegas. The P9800BT is part of Pioneer's latest CD reciever lineup which also includes the Pioneer DEH-P6100BT, Pioneer DEH-P7000BT, and the Pioneer DEH-P7100BT. The P9800BT includes CD, Satellite radio and HD radio support as well as content playback from a USB media device via one of the dual USB ports. The most unique feature of the 9800BT however is the unique customization support of the LCD screen; users can download software via the Pioneer website which will allow them to create custom screens and colors for their display and then transfer the files via a CD-R/W or USB device. The P9800BT is also fully equipped with Supertuner IIID advanced digital and analog processing technology combined with a built-in MOSFET 50 W x 4 amplifier to ensure high quality sound output without any distortion or background noise. The full-color OEL LCD display screen can handle complete 3D characters on screen and allows a long list of character scrolling in a wide range of flourescent colors; the device can also safely display entire lists of song track information. Bluetooth receiver technology is built right into the unit; so users may use a hands free phone system directly through the device without purchasing any separate adapters or add-ons. An Apple iPod can also be plugged directly into the USB port with full compatibility; meaning users will never run out of new music on the road again. The Pioneer DEH-P9800BT has a suggested retail price of $550 and will be released sometime in Spring, 2009.

  • High-end in-dash CD receiver unit
  • Steering Wheel Remote Control included
  • Twin Beam Microphone included
  • Full color Dot OEL Display (65,000 pixels)
  • Full display screen customization support
  • Advanced Sound Retriever
  • AUX input; USB
  • HD Radio, XM, and Sirius Radio Ready
  • RCA Hi-Volt (5V) preouts
  • Two-Way Crossover with separate High and Low Pass settings.
  • Built-in MOSFET 50 W x 4 amplifier
  • Supertuner┬« IIID advanced analog and digital processing
  • Optional adapter (CD-IB100II) allows users to control iPod devices directly through the reciever unit
  • Amplifier Off Mode
  • Display Off Mode
  • Suggested Retail Price: $550
  • Estimated Release: Spring, 2009
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