The Pioneer DEH-P860MP is a mid-range, in-dash cd receiver for the car.

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 The Pioneer DEH-P860MP is a mid-range, in-dash cd receiver for the car. It features organic multicolour EL (electroluminescent) display, a motorized, sliding faceplate, and MP3 and WMA compatibility. This unit has three 6.5 V pre-outs if you want to add an amplifier, and the higher voltage pre-outs give a better amp signal, resulting in better dynamic, highs and bass. There are some interesting features such as the Auto EQ, which automatically fine-tunes the whole range of the music's frequency bandwidth to your car's shape by using the included microphone. The Auto Time Alignment uses the same mic to estimate sound delay from each speaker and compensate for it so that all of the sound reaches your ears at the same time. The BMX (Bit Media e-Xpander) Digital Enhancement is unique because it enhances MP3 audio that is burned to an audio cd through either enhancing the depth and width of the sound field, or improving the sense of presence. It is also compatible with XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.

  • Customizable Organic Multicolour EL display
  • Motorized and Detachable Auto-Flap Faceplate
  • Three 6.5 V pre-outs
  • BMX (Bit Media e-Xpander) Digital Enhancement
  • Supports ID3 tags and WMA text
  • Auto EQ 
  • Auto Time Alignment 
  • 13-band Graphic EQ
  • XM and Sirius Satellite Radio compatible
  • Up to 16 character display
  • Optional iPod adapter
  • Optional Bluetooth adapter
  • Optional Usb adapter
  • 3-Way Active network mode
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