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The Pioneer DEH-P8300UB is a car CD receiver with iPod and iPhone control functionality.

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blue OLED screen is easy to read in any light

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audio output is strong and clear, makes the most of OEM and after-market speakers without needing an amp

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both high-pass and low-pass filters ready for amplifiers

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processes compressed audio well, creates a rich and full sound

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screen could be larger, feels unnecessarily small

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controls seem clumsy and awkward at first, take some getting used to

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some setup options are hard to find, require the manual to hunt down

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The Pioneer DEH-P8300UB is a car CD receiver with iPod and iPhone control functionality. When connected to an iPod or iPhone through the USB port full control of the media playback capabilities become available. The unit is also compatible with the iPhone's Pandora app, enabling streaming Internet radio while on the road. Track information is shown on a full-dot OEL display. Output runs through a MOSFET system at 50 watts to each of the 4 channels, and 3 sets of 4-volt pre-outs are available for further expansion into other amplifiers. Audio tweaking is available in the form of a 5-band graphic equalizer, and 3 Loudness modes are available to bring out details in the sound without turning up the volume.

  • CD Receiver
  • Full-Dot OEL Display
  • Pandora App Compatible
  • USB Direct Control for iPod/iPhone
  • Satellite and Bluetooth adapter Ready
  • 3 Hi-Volt RCA Preouts (4V)
  • 24 Stations / 6 Presets
  • MOSFET 50 W x 4
  • 5-Band Graphic
  • 3 mode Loudness
  • MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC Playback
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